Rowdyruff Boys Clan

Narrator Time: Greetings and Salutation!

I would like to welcome all new members to the roleplay community. If you have gotten this far, you've must have passed the first test (application). Now, it would be time to test your real abilities. "Destination: Townsville" is still in its baby stages. Hence, there will certainly be a lack of players, as of yet. For the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys, if your respective partner is still unconscious, please relax and wait patiently. You may take the time to acquaint with everyone in the OOC community (dt_ooc), until your current enemy cease from being knocked out. Upon their awakening, either of you can take the privilege to make the first post in dt_logs. You will be expected to begin making journal and SED entries hereafter. When you start the "game", there will be no backing out, except for the few hiatuses. There is a need for cooperation. If one person is missing, the pieces to this puzzle will slow down or, even possibly, disappear all together. Your teammate and everyone else's fate is within your hands. The absence or presence of a single individual can make a drastic change to the situation.

During this time, villains and other characters may create a post and interact with one another, reasonably. Mojo Jojo could have kidnapped Professor Utonium, for example. The Gangreen Gang and Fuzzy Lumpkins can have a private meeting. Unlike the main roles, secondary ones have wider possibilities. They're not as restricted. Nonetheless, the bad guys cannot appear, if a PPG or RRB is still handicapped with an unconscious partner. You may begin almost instantly on your journal and SED entries. Of course, for the SED posts, you must actually have an ally to contact. Do keep in mind that villains cannot communicate with the heroes through their SEDs.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or inquiries, please contact Butch. He will reply as soon as he can.

Well, once again, the day is sa-- No, wait, I mean, once again, welcome to the community and good luck! 

Rowdyruff Boys Clan

Hiatus/Character Drop


If you need to go into hiatus, please post the duration of your absence and a brief explanation for it below. Be aware that your time may not surpass a month. If you need an extension, contact Butch and give a proper reason. Failure to do so will result in a very upset Rowdyruff Boy and your removal from the community.

Character Drop

If you are planning on leaving the community permanently, please post a comment below. Have a good life!
Rowdyruff Boys Clan

Taken/Reserved Characters

Taken Characters

Rowdyruff Boys

Butch rrb_butch


Reserved Characters

Powerpuff Girls

Blossom maz_z rivaling against ppg_blossom

Rowdyruff Boys

Boomer lightning_blue


Friend Add

Copy the following:

Click here and paste.


If you would like to reserve a character, please reply to this post with your choice's name. You will have approximately one week to submit your application or contact Butch for an extension. If the role you want to play is already reserved by someone else, do not hesitate to try out. There will be equal opportunity for all candidates. After all the applications have been sent in, an evaluation will take place to see who is more suitable for the respective character.
Rowdyruff Boys Clan

Character Application

Please complete the form and post your application below as a reply to this one, using the following format:

<b><u>User Data</b></u>

<b>Name:<b> It does not need to be a real name. Nicknames are allowed.

<b>Age:</b> 17+ only. Mature content warning.

<b>Contact e-mail:</b> It must be an e-mail you’ll definitely check.

<b>Messengers:</b> You must have at least one Yahoo! Messenger or MSN account (related or unrelated to the characters).

<b><u>Character Data</b></u>


<b>Age:</b> The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys should be seventeen.


<b>Color:</b> This is only required for the PPG and RRB. For anyone else, simply state what you are. Mojo Jojo will be a villain and a chimpanzee, for example.

<b>Physical Description:</b> You can post a picture, but at least write a paragraph on it.

<b>Weapon/Powers:</b> If you don’t have one of these, just write down your battle techniques. Yes, fleeing and avoiding a fight can be essential moves as well. You may post a picture of the weapon, but at least write some information on it.

<b>Character History:</b> If you’re not clear on your character’s past, you may make it up. It has to be fitting though. For people who do have the history information, you can play with it a bit, but not to the point where the individual isn’t canon anymore. <u>(500 Words/4 Paragraphs minimum)</u>

<b>Character Personality:</b> The personality must be canon. Make sure to write about their interaction with other characters as well. <u>(300 Words/2 Paragraphs minimum)</u>

<b><u>Roleplay Sample</b></u>

<b>First-Person/Present Tense:</b> A good two paragraphs. Word minimum not required. Keep in mind, you’re writing in a diary or personal journal. If you want, you can also add a SED roleplay (optional).

<b>Third-Person/Past Tense:</b> Write in the character’s point-of-view. Be creative. Remember to double check on spelling and grammar. <u>(400 Words/3 Paragraphs minimum)</u>

When you are rejected, your post will be removed and an e-mail will be sent to inform you. Keep in check for your acceptance. Remember to save your application, just in case. Good luck!