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Character Application

Please complete the form and post your application below as a reply to this one, using the following format:

<b><u>User Data</b></u>

<b>Name:<b> It does not need to be a real name. Nicknames are allowed.

<b>Age:</b> 17+ only. Mature content warning.

<b>Contact e-mail:</b> It must be an e-mail you’ll definitely check.

<b>Messengers:</b> You must have at least one Yahoo! Messenger or MSN account (related or unrelated to the characters).

<b><u>Character Data</b></u>


<b>Age:</b> The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys should be seventeen.


<b>Color:</b> This is only required for the PPG and RRB. For anyone else, simply state what you are. Mojo Jojo will be a villain and a chimpanzee, for example.

<b>Physical Description:</b> You can post a picture, but at least write a paragraph on it.

<b>Weapon/Powers:</b> If you don’t have one of these, just write down your battle techniques. Yes, fleeing and avoiding a fight can be essential moves as well. You may post a picture of the weapon, but at least write some information on it.

<b>Character History:</b> If you’re not clear on your character’s past, you may make it up. It has to be fitting though. For people who do have the history information, you can play with it a bit, but not to the point where the individual isn’t canon anymore. <u>(500 Words/4 Paragraphs minimum)</u>

<b>Character Personality:</b> The personality must be canon. Make sure to write about their interaction with other characters as well. <u>(300 Words/2 Paragraphs minimum)</u>

<b><u>Roleplay Sample</b></u>

<b>First-Person/Present Tense:</b> A good two paragraphs. Word minimum not required. Keep in mind, you’re writing in a diary or personal journal. If you want, you can also add a SED roleplay (optional).

<b>Third-Person/Past Tense:</b> Write in the character’s point-of-view. Be creative. Remember to double check on spelling and grammar. <u>(400 Words/3 Paragraphs minimum)</u>

When you are rejected, your post will be removed and an e-mail will be sent to inform you. Keep in check for your acceptance. Remember to save your application, just in case. Good luck!
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