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Destination: Townsville

A Powerpuff Girls/Rowdyruff Boys Roleplay Community

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Powerpuff Girls/Rowdyruff Boys Roleplay Community

Narrator Time

In the city of Townsville, a dark, gaping hole extends into oblivion. Wait, what? The city of Townsville is now just a wide expanse of nothingness?! What could have possibly happened? Where are our beloved heroes, the Powerpuff Girls?

Oh! There they are. Yes, over there. Of course, it seems they're all separated and alone. No. Let me take a closer look. Ah! What is this? Each of them has another similar figure lying beside them! Who could they be?

...The Rowdyruff Boys! Why are the boys divided into pairs with the girls? Could this be a coincidence? Well, it's certainly not funny. There's surely going to be a lot of tension between them.

From my careful observation, it seems each of them is in groups of two. Brick and Blossom are ironically stuck together. Boomer and Bubbles are also with one another. Then, even more ironically so, Butch and Buttercup are joined in one pairing. The Red Team, as I have taken the liberty of calling them, is stuck in a strange, run-down city. Blue Team is happily (or not so happily) knocked out on an island in the middle of an ocean, while the Green Team appears to be lost in an endless desert.

What has truly happened? The groups will now have to learn how to work together with their respected partners and solve this baffling puzzle. Time is probably running short and dawdling is not an option. They need to find clues and piece them together quickly. However, the only way to do that is by exploring the regions they’re stuck in, until something leads them to another location. The single source of communication each Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys have is an electronic device attached to their wrists. All its functions are still unknown.

What evil will they be confronting? Will Townsville ever be restored? Will the boys and the girls ever reach their eighteenth birthday? Will I ever stop asking questions? Who really knows?

Strange Electronic Device (SED): The Rules

Lo and behold! It seems the SED has begun a faint beeping. Let's take a closer look at what it says...

I. Proficient usage of grammar and spelling are required. Capabilities will be tested out in the application. Even if you do pass the first test, do not waver and always remember to double check your writing. If your skills seem to decrease dramatically, you will be removed from the community. Slackers are not needed. When you aren't able to provide efficient roleplay to the best of your ability, either send Butch a heads up or enter a hiatus.

II. Lengthy or consistent hiatuses are not deemed well. There will be considerable understanding for personal and school/work-related problems. Nevertheless, you should submit a brief explanation and an idea of how long you'll be absent. None of them should be over a month. If it happens to be so, you will either have to give an extremely reasonable account of your situation to Butch or deal with a removal from the community.

III. There will not be any godmodding or deaths in the roleplay. Even when faced with the bad guys, you cannot completely annihilate them and vice versa. They will only be severely injured and left to their own fate. In a battle, you are not invincible. You're not able to control another person's character or wipe out their attempts to retaliate. You will get hurt. If not a lot, some scratches are unavoidable. You are fighting, after all. It's not a dance party, where you bump into others occasionally and leave perfectly intact. Then again, some of the moves can result in a very unfortunate...

IV. You must type at least 450 Words. If you can't handle it, don't join this community. No complaints or excuses either. Your posts will be checked. If you don't have Word Count, you can go on Google and search one up. They're not hard to find. As for the amount of activity required, you should at least make two roleplay posts per week. The OOC community is merely for relaxation and entertainment. You can find out more information on it by switching profile modes. Once again, if you cannot meet up with the standard, contact Butch or enter a hiatus status. Try not to do it too often, however.

V. This is a mature roleplay community. Therefore, crude language and sexual contents will be allowed. No restrictions will be applied to what may be said or done. There will be recommendation to avoid any OOC insults. The roleplay is not connected to the person behind the character. Do not make the foolish mistake of bashing someone personally or you will be confronted with the matter. Keep your comments about other roleplayers to yourself. If you don't like a person OOC-wise, you either leave the community or try to resolve any conflicts with them. Don't drag anyone else into your issues. There will be zero-tolerance for drama unrelated to the plotline.

VI. Everything should be canon. The Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys are not on friendly terms with each other. They could be expressed to the point of actually despising one another. Do not by any means alter their characteristics unnecessarily. Brick and Blossom will be expected to loath and bicker nonstop. They will not suddenly become best friends. Boomer and Bubbles might not be at the point of blatant dislike. However, a degree of awkwardness should be at least presented. Butch and Buttercup will, undoubtedly, have a lot of negative tension built between them, which could possibly lead to fighting. They won't decide to suddenly fall in love, get married, and have children. If you have any intentions of becoming romantically-involved with your partner or anyone else, no one will refrain you from reaching your goal. Remember it will be a very unsteady and slow process, nonetheless. You will have to patiently move from enemies to friends, before any ideas of a love relationship should formulate in your mind. The same rule will apply to the bad guys. Please take note that some characters know other languages. You should be at least equipped with the basics. Since they are seventeen now, you can feel free to add to their list of capabilities.

VII. You can only play one character from either the Powerpuff Girls or the Rowdyruff Boys. Contrarily, for the bad guys, you may select up to two roles. Be aware of your capabilities, however. You must make sure you can handle the amount of characters you want to play, before filling out the applications. If you appeared to be having trouble, you can always lighten your load. You will not be shunned for dropping a role. If you stubbornly latch onto your characters though, either keep up a good work or prepare yourself for confrontation by a very unhappy Butch. There may be other people who might like to try out for your role, after all. If you don't want it to be snatched away, don't falter in any of your activities.

VIII. You will be expected to use this format for posting new roleplays:

Keep in mind that all posts are to be made in dt_logs. Don't mistakenly place it in dstn_townsville or dt_ooc because the roleplay will be removed.

IX. Each character will be maintaining a personal journal on the events taking place, which will be posted in their own respective accounts. The blog will also be the main place to communicate with people outside of their region. Therefore, if Bubbles wants to contact Blossom, she must make a post in her blog with the proper title, "SED: [insert name of person/s whom you seek]". Be sure to answer "Location:" on both the journal and SED entry. "Mood:" will be optional. The character being sought out will respond by commenting on the post. Same rule applies to comments on diary entries. However, remember the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys can only speak with one another. They cannot contact anyone else. Vice versa for the bad guys. Villains will be able to speak with each other through the SED, but there will be no possible way to contact the PPG and RRB. As you can certainly tell by now, you will have to consistently check the journal entries of your teammates or allies. The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys are only required to keep tabs on one another. You may check what the bad guys have to say, but you won't know what they're plotting in the main roleplay. Once again, same goes for the villains. You will be oblivious to each other's actions and plans, when you're not physically around them. Since a diary must be kept, you will be expected to create an account solely for your role. Personal ones will not be accepted to the community.

X. Hints and clues will surface throughout the plot. Expectations for all players will also be posted to keep the storyline on the right track. You can find these in dstn_townsville. They will be submitted randomly. Therefore, be sure to check it out for updates frequently. Both the heroes and villains will be unknowledgeable of their real roles in this unrelenting mystery. The single way to solve the puzzle is by connecting the pieces you find. If not, you will be subjected to a horrifying fate. Oh, and, do remember, you are all pawns...

Talk about a lot of information. Well, anyways, I wish you luck, Powerpuff Girls! You too, Rowdyruff Boys! We are counting on you to save the day and reach your final destination: Townsville.

Begin the Journey

Taken/Reserved Characters
Hiatus/Character Drop

dstn_townsville Headquarters (hints, clues, and updates)
dt_logs Progression (how our heroes and villains are keeping up)
dt_ooc Pit Stop (relaxation and entertainment)


Contact Details of Moderator

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Butch, rrb_butch. He will respond back as soon as possible, so please be patient.

MSN: borderline.psychotic_butch@yahoo.com
Yahoo!Messenger: borderline.psychotic_butch

You may seek him out for roleplay purposes as well. However, it will not be guaranteed. Do not expect him to add you either. The only ones he will certainly accept requests from are the characters in the community. RP in the messenger will not be connected to the main plot. It will be separate.